Mobius International Live Art Festival Boston

Celina's graduate work 'We are in cahoot' and I' has been selected for screening for Mobilize Live International Performance festival: Performance Art in Ireland which takes place in Cyberarts Gallery September 29th - 30th in Boston. Amanda Coogan, Aine Phillips, Siobhan Mullen Wolfe, Fergus Byrne and Alastair Mc Lennan will be included. 

Dublin Live Art Festival

DLAF Seminar series, The Complex, August 19th

Live Performance, DLAF opening with Livestock at The Complex August 17th

International Collaboration Project: Fringe Communities

I have been invited to collaborate with Turkish architect Yasemin Karabulut. We will investigate identity and surveillance within fringe communitities. Reflecting on Life living on the border between North and South of Ireland and the threshold between East and West.

Since graduating in June 2106 Celina has worked on collaborative projects through a cultural dialogues residency in MART which culminated in a Live performance event in MART Gallery. Shehas taken part in a group show of four artists in The Complex last October and two group show's in Glasgow. In May 2017 Celina  created a site specific Live Installation - Performance in Temple Bar Gallery and Studios.   


Muldoon has recently completed an MFA in Sculpture and expanded practice in the National college of Art and Design, Dublin. We are in cahoots...You and I, a multi-media installation of her work, was unveiled at the Graduate exhibition on June 18th @ 101-103 James st. Dublin.

Project Statement:

Raucous; Explicit; Rambunctious; Gut wrenching; Side splitting; yet climactically perplexing; Seducing the audience into intoxicating live performance...

We are in and I

Muldoon investigates relationships between socio-political structures and the body. Rooted in performance, her practice spans live work, documentation of its products and traces and the representation of these in other forms. Gender, abjection and ritual are themes around which Muldoon creates her exquisitely adorned alter egos. Mischievously toying with domestic role playing through the re-enactment of mythological narratives. Questioning perpetuated notions of everyday life. Engaging the viewer as participant and as witness.




NO MORE FUN AND GAMES Jesse Jones, Hugh Lane, 2016

Muldoon is a member of the feminist collective curated by Jesse Jones as part of the parasite institute in the Hugh Lane Gallery. The collective responded to the representation of women artists in the Gallery. Gathering on Saturdays in gallery 2, the group discussed issues around patriarchy and unconscious bias within cultural institutions.The exhibition continues until June DATE.


5.5.5...5, Inma Pavon, Firkin Crane, Cork, 2016

Having performed with Inma Pavon in I'll Sing You A Song From Around The Town (see below), Muldoon and Pavon had become firm friends. Inma is currently completing a phd in Performance and Dance. She is a lecturer in Dance at Crawford college. At the core of her investigation is the element of Chance. Muldoon was asked by Pavon to take part in a series of responses that would be presented in the Firkin Crane gallery, Cork. A group of fifteen visual artist's, performers and musician's where invited to respond to an image taken from Cecil Beaton's Chinese Journal. Separately each produced work around this image which was then presented simultaneously in one of five spaces.  The chance element was further explored by asking the audience to pick a number out of a hat. The no., between 1 and 5, determined which room they could view. It was fascinating my piece worked so well with the two other pieces in our space. Muldoon created a collaborative performance piece.


I'll sing you a song from around the town  Amanda Coogan, R.H.A, 2015

Last October Muldoon performed live with the inimitable Coogan for her mid-career retrospective 'I'll sing you a song from around the town' in the R.H.A. Over five days, five hours a day, She performed 'Bubble Up In Blue' (2013).